I’M going to show you some websites to makemoney online for free and i’m going to giveyou some ideas on how you can do that. Soyou, don’t want to go anywhere! Stay tuned, hello! My friend welcome to living delightfulfreedom in today’s article. I’M gon na give youwebsites that you can start making money with forfree. You can start earning a few thousand dollarsper month if you are consistent for supplementalincome for extra income and any of these canactually become your main thing, but before we getinto it. If you are new here, welcome my name isselania and on this blog we talk about makingmoney online, working from home and being your ownboss. So if that sounds good to you make sure youare followd to the blog you tap on that bellso, you don’t miss out all right. Let’S go ahead! Andjump in the first website, i’m going to show youis shutterstock. This is shutterstock.com. You mayor may not know them. This is probably one of thelargest stock footage and stock image website onthe internet okay, so you may have heard of thembefore. What you can do is sell your images, your4k articles or 1080p articles on here now these articlesare very short. This takes almost no effort if youhave a newer smartphone, you can set it to 4k andyou have a possibility of making more money withthis. This doesn’t take much effort. You can justupload them to the website, build up your portfoliogo outside, take a few pictures and some 4k articleof nature, and things like that you can go. Ifyou have no idea how to do it. You can go out andpractice how to do this. I’M going to show you someexamples of 4k article that are already on here, andhow much you would be earning and everything likethat okay. So there are companies and individualsthat will come here and buy some royalty freeimages and you will get a 30 cut of what thefootage is. They say to share your work: andstart earning, join shutterstock, global communityof contributors and earn money doing what youlove create high quality images and articles forcustomers to download and upload your content, withour easy to use platform to get tips for successand. Then you make money every time your contentis downloaded by one of our worldwide customersokay, so they have customers all around the globeso. That is no problem there and you can also earnwhen. You refer friends or new contributors, andnew customers, if you have other friends, withreally good phones that can shoot in 4k and theywant to do it, go ahead and tell them about ittell them to use you as a reference and you canearn that way as well, and they Also will provideyou with some free tools on the website, so thatyour work is seen. They also give you suggestedkeywords for images and articles, so that is reallygood, because this helps your content be foundon the website all right. So you choose from aselection of keywords that automatically populatebased on the content of your work. This is veryhelpful. Another thing is that, if you are on the gothey do have an app as well, that is available, ongoogle play and also the app store. Now i’m goingto show you some examples of the footage and pricebecause they cost a lot of money. They’Re prettyexpensive we’re going to go to footage home andwe are going to take a look at some of the footagei’m going to pick nature for now. So this is someof. The 4k article this right here is very simpleif. You have a sky when you go outside you cando this all right. This is a one minute, article ofa, clear sky. This will cost in hd 79 in 4k, it’llcost 179, and you get 30 of that, which is around 50it’s, really good money to take some article ofthe sky in 4k. That is a very simple thing to donow. One thing that i think you really do need forthis is a tripod. You can get a very cheap one fromwalmart or from amazon, but a tripod is going tobe very important because you want your image tobe. Still you want your article to be very steady, youdon’t want it moving around. You want it very highquality. So that is one example. Here’S another onethis is a 10 second. article of people at a mall allyou have to do is stand there with your tripod setyour phone camera to 4k and do a time lapse, thisis really easy stuff. So for this one they didn’teven shoot in 4k, it’s in 1080p. You can still make30 of this 79 and all you’re doing is uploadingthe article onto here go to shutterstock.com checkout the articles that are on here and see if you cando the same thing. Another one is envato this isenvato.com and this is also a digital marketplaceon. This website, you actually have to already haveexperience and an existing portfolio andalready be doing this. So if this is youthis is another website that you can use ifyou’ve already been doing any of the otherstock image and stock article websites. Then you cancome over here to envato. You can sell your graphictemplates stock footage stock photos, music, tracksor, web templates and much more. You want to scrolldown and you’re going to find where it says envatomarket, so you want to click on, go to enviro marketbut. You want to come up here where it says startselling right here, they’ll give you some tips onhow to become an author. So three things you needto know is we live for quality and originalityonly. The best authors and items make it throughour review process. So you have to be really goodfor this one, okay, all right, so this one is envatohey if you’re liking, the article so far go ahead, andgive it a like for me and also follow if you’renot followd already. Alright, let’s keep on goingand. This is a free platform where you can sellyour digital products – digital downloads, andmembership – you can use this absolutely free whatthey say: is we make it a piece of cake to sell andpromote your ebooks memberships, software, designassets, music or any type of digital productsdirectly to your customers? Pay-Hip, has you coveredeven? If you create music, you can sell your musicon here as well all right. So let’s come up hereto pricing so that you know what you’re gon na getwhen you create a free membership. This is whatyou would get for zero dollars per month. It isfree forever and you get all of the features: youget unlimited products and unlimited revenue sothat’s pretty awesome. I really like this. Becausethe only fee is a five percent transaction fee. Andthat is awesome, of course, paypal or stripe willcharge their regular transaction fee as well. Soyou. Don’T need the paid features you just needthis one right here to get started with you, canactually run promotions and give your customersdiscounts and things like that. You can also set upa mailing list and collect client emails. Okay, payhip is an all-in-one solution to sell your ebookssoftware and all types of digital products. Ifyou can save it. Then you can sell it. Everythingyou need to sell your work and grow. Your businessanother awesome thing is that you can set up anaffiliate system, so you can get other peopleto, promote your product and then give thema portion of the sale. So that is pretty awesomeyou can offer coupons, so you can run promotionalcampaigns with flexible coupons, limit, their useand. Add expiration dates and much more next. One isskillshare.com – and this is pretty awesome. Becauseyou – can actually teach a course. You could teachthe course, one time record it on your screen. Andhouse it here on a place like skillshare.com whereyou can do that absolutely free. So if you areinterested in any of these categories, animationdesign illustration lifestyle, so even if you’re aparent and you like talking about parenting or dogtraining or whatever it is, you can also create acourse on that photo and film business writing youcan actually go through. All of these categoriesand see, if you get inspired, get some ideasor. If you have absolutely no idea what you can door, what you can create a course on you can justlearn something learn something new for free on awebsite like youtube. There are tons of tutorialsyou can learn anything on youtube for free andactually teach what you learn and in a courseand sell it here on skillshare. There are tons offree tutorials everywhere, so you can just picksomething, learn it and teach it that will bringyou in passive income and you can create severalcourses. Also, if you like, and i’m also goingto give you another way to monetize on coursescoming up. When i give you the next website, so thiswebsite is skillshare.com, so the next website isudemy.com – and this is also a place where you canhouse your course now. The only difference betweenthese websites is that skillshare is subscriptionbased, so they have members on the website whopay for a subscription, and you get a percentage ofthe subscription depending on who is watching yourcourse and actually on udemy.com. You set a priceand. You earn per sale of your course. Okay, one conabout this they’re often running sales and makingcourses really cheap, but there are other ways: thatyou can monetize both udemy or skillshare okayand. I’M gon na tell you how, as you can see, thesecourses are pretty cheap thirteen dollars, fifteendollars sixteen dollars and oftentimes they’re onsale, but this would be a passive income for younot. Only that you can add some affiliate linksand attach them to your course and make some moneyalso with affiliate marketing and you can do thaton udemy, and you could also do that on skillsharewhat. I, like about these platforms as wellthey, have a built-in audience. There’S alreadypeople looking for these courses out there andyour course just happens to be in there. You don’thave to grow a following, or anything like that. Andif you actually do grow a following outside ofthese websites. You can also go ahead and promoteyour courses, so there are many ways to make moneywith these websites, and this one is udemy.com iwant to show you some more ways to earn so makesure. You are checking out this article that’scoming up next. Thank you so much for watchingand. I’M going to see you in the next one bye,

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