Refrigeration! A twenty-first-century storage method which helps to preserve many foods, and serves them in the best way they can be eaten, that is cold. Think ice cream, sodas, milk, some types of cheese, and many more. It’s a little wonder why you have your friends making a quick stop at that cold box for a quick munch before immersing themselves fully into your living space.

However, there are some foods that shouldn’t be found in the refrigerator for health reasons, for the availability of better alternatives, and sometimes, simply because it doesn’t make sense. Here is an extensive list of foods never to put in the refrigerator.

1. Potatoes


Refrigeration has a negative effect on Potatoes. It affects the flavor, turns starch into sugar, and makes potatoes colorless. Instead, you can store your potatoes in a myriad of ways.

For one, you can store them in paper bags (plastic bags are best avoided seeing as they can speed up decay processes). Alternatively, they can be stored, unwashed and away from sunlight and extreme temperatures, such as in a burlap sack or pantry.

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