on this article I want to show you today how to make money like this by setting up free ads, I’m going to show you 77 different sites to visit At the moment it’s absolutely free and worldwide where you can place free ads to make money online with affiliate marketing it’s great simple and I give you all the steps on this article so you can start immediately let’s get started it hello everyone it’s back from here the smart money tactics blog where i post trusted content every day to teach you how to make money online make sure you drop the bottom hit what login button turns everyone on notice that way you will not miss anything from me upcoming content and today I’ll do a 25 PayPal gift, so make sure you at the end of the lead article and get the instructions you need to enter and will be the winner announced on tomorrow’s article and if you want to know in a different way what I make money online, from 500 to 1 000 click on this link every day the description of these article guys and you can start if well so today I want to show you this site overview that I will reveal to you at end of article which contains 77 different sites that you it can go to to place free ads for your affiliate marketing links from any network guys i will show you how to do it’s absolutely free and worldwide and you can start with double and earn a lot of money online with affiliate marketing and I will show you a trick giving these guys a can use see how many different sites are here what you can do start with what you want to do if you’re on this site, you want to do it scroll back to top and basically what you want to do is you wants to start opening all these different sites guys and i will show you exactly how you can do I’m going to open some of these websites and i will show you how to get some of these sites start i opened guys, one of them is it classify one mentioned here ads dot com okay this is a website who works all over the world and I’ll show you in a second another one I opened here this is called free here worldwide Classified Ads.com Let me show you very quickly now that it is worldwide and they get hundreds of thousands of ashes not millions of visitors every month which means you have many opportunities to make money online with affiliate marketing guys like us come here, look here I went to a website called came similar web I typed classifiedads.com if we scroll down here we can see it this site is almost 2 million visitors every month guys who are a lot of traffic that you do not have to drive and if we scroll down here, look at this out of it 58 of the us which means that more than a million people come here from the United States what a t1 country guys are then you have India Canada Pakistan so all really good countries where people want to improve quality of their lives and then there is still this site here worldwide free ads if you can see 26 percent from India also 26 from the United States and they get hundreds of thousands of visitors every month, so how are you to make money online with affiliates marketing on these sites, so what you want to do let’s say when you come to this site Ads.com you can see these are the different categories vehicles services fixed community work items for sale, etc.


And what you do you want to do this, browse off and you want the view different items below you so if you look at services you have beauty and salon you have construction, for example, you have financial services for which you have health and wellbeing home services and so on and what you want to do is to try to find a niche in which you can promote and then you want to find it subcategory for example if we overcome here and we look to the community for example if you roll here, you have free stop your garage sales and then over here if you go to work it’s good a guys you have business opportunities for example you can promote and then you can keep searching anything you’re interested in and find things like health and wellness and financial services also so from here guys with this site, the crazy thing is you do not even need to sign up for an account all you have to do is come here and click on Post an ad for free once you click then it will take you over to a page that looks like this and it is where to place your ad now i’m going to show you how you can do it, but I want to show you we have a need to offer to promote, we need a subsidiary marketing product we can promote so we can make money online and the website we are going to use for today this one is here called digistore24 it is an affiliate marketing network it’s very much the same to a site like clickbank.com, but is more wide accepted around the world, therefore I show you this site and when you roll here guys it is very simple to log in to get your affiliate link and to start using it immediately absolutely free so what you need do if you’re on this site, you want to do it come here guys you want to click on to register now as soon as you click to register now guys it will take you to a page that looks like like this and all you have to do is enter details sign in and then you can start promoting it products from there what happens is when you sign to guys you want to come here where it says market once logged in and as soon as you click on the market, you click want to go with all offers on the affiliate network what you after a go bring page that looks like this then you have all these things from here categories here you can promote in as you guys can see, your business and investment I showed you you have education you have family you have fitness and health you have food and drink, etc.

You are all these different categories in which you can promote when you find one in which you want to promote you can then create an ad for it absolutely free so you can make money online with affiliate marketing now I want to show you a product I have used guys in the past it’s John Christiani’s offer here and look when you come here on this this product here becomes the called super affiliate system 2020 john christani and if you guys come here guys it has more levels of different prices that people can buy what you buy can earn really good money plus it’s a high ticket product which means what you can make even more than a thousand dollars for one single purchase and do not think about it people do not buy it they absolutely do John is a multimillionaire as a result because people buy his product every day so what you want to do if you come here and there other products you can use as you want to do business and investment there are a lot of other products I want to show you how to use it this product because if you buy one you can make possible more than a thousand dollars online, so when you guys come here guys you want do is you want to grab this is a link here so you can come here and you want to copy this link but if you click on it I want to show you exactly what it is product looks as good as you can see here it’s a free training to earn six figures are online income that is perfect for people they want to work for home and as soon as they click on this they will enter their email address and they are going to look at a free training webinar well but what you want to do do you want to come here guys and you want to copy this link as soon as you copy it this link you want to come to this site here called bitly.com now you can come here and you can create an account for yourself and what it’s going to do is go to allow you to shorten it really a long ugly link but what you can do is that you can come here if you can see if you paste it and you click to shorten it’s going to give us fun now short call now if you sign up at bitly you can track how many clicks you are get you can also your own link so you can change it into something a little more also attractive, but it’s perfect so we’re going to copy these guys and then from here where we go do is we are going to add it to us ad so when we get back here this is where we need to create this ad so we have a product what we are going to promote about this ads.com now classified here the category we had selected work is good and the reason we chose work is because we want business opportunities from here then from there this is where you want to add location so if you want to advertise to people in the United States then you need something like insert one triple zero one for example because in other words the New York for example there you go this is the New York zip code then you must have a add title for example here you need to add a asking price and then you want a here insert description and then you want to fill in the rest i’m already done one so we do not wasting too much time and I want to show you what it looks like so you come here guys as you can see I have a job opportunities and here I have work from home and earn a thousand dollars a week opportunity for beginners okay so it’s going to be the title of our ad then the asking price here is zero it’s absolutely free for them if you saw to watch this webinar from there they can decide whether they want to buy or not this product is good but what you want to do is to put them before the get opportunity let john just sell it want them to see it and see if it is is something that is for them if you tell them it is, you know it 297 or a thousand dollars it might not be even want to look at it let them look at it and see if they are interested in this Affiliate Marketing Program work and people earn really good money from home do it here and there guys you want to enter something like that okay you are too interested in working from home to earn extra money on the side i will show you a free tutorial right now what you learn exactly how to get starting with this will help you get a to start business online without having your own product is good and it really is easy people do it and have 500 per day imagine 500 is good, so the best part is it’s free watch what it’s all about click on the link below to get started now here, guys you want to post, click here then this is where you add your little link so what happens from here are guys you are want to come here you want to set in your name your email address you can create own email address if you want to do this you you do not have to enter your phone number in here guys, but you can keep it private if you enter your number there then it’s automatic here pre-populate then then here guys you must add catch this bit and then here can now add a picture I recommend for a picture guys all you have to do is go to a to go to website like pixels.com type in something like work from home here you have photos, scroll down grab a photo like this, for example everyone all you have to do is click on it and click on free download now go download on my computer, so when we get here and I click to select a file what’s going to happen there it is photo there now this photo goes to upload here we have an ad we can post absolutely free, but look with these guys you can actually expire this ad in a week two weeks three weeks one month three months six months even nine a month, but it’s one city ​​in the United States it is one site okay guys, we have 77 of these where we can go post free ads, so whatever you want to do here simple do you want to come here and you want to copy this whole ad guys you are going to copy it you can even copy your ad title, set it in a Google Docs document guys then from there what you want to do once you place this ad here do you want to go to the next website so if you come here to the global free ads and once you are on this site, guys take a look at this now, you can start posting even more ads, so if you come here look at this business opportunities when you click on business opportunities and you browse here look at these guys you can do easily find different categories like affiliate marketing here as you can come here you can also find work from home and you can start adding all these different ads in all these different free advertising sites promise i’ll show you what this site was before make sure you smash like that button as appreciation if you is enjoying this article and keep reading because I want to show you what you have to do to enter those 25 PayPal giving away, so when we get here guys this site is this one about it named sitelike.org okay, so if you go google and enter it, you will be able to see all these different 77 sites you can go to to get started affiliate marketing absolutely free by setting this up free ads okay guys and you can do it on every single one of these different sites and you can get started right after reading this article now i promised you a paypal gift guys so what do you have to do to sign up it gives you everything you need to do right now smash the like button on this article share the article let’s get it there so many people can make money online and now go down and comment I like free ways to make money online and what I will do is to a to choose winner on tomorrow’s article and if you leave me an email address from PayPal it just makes it a lot easier for me to be able to pay you with it said we will continue with this article so this was my article for today’s guys on a great way to get started with affiliate marketing offered for free ads if you enjoyed the article crush that kind of button in appreciation do not forget to comment so you can not enter those 25 Give away PayPal and go nowhere because i’ve always been fantastic content next to it that you can view at the moment different ways to make money online until tomorrow guys i’m alan from smart money tactics you take care of yourself and goodbye

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