It has been criticized as the only land known to have sustainable water bodies on Earth January 2020, Mojave Desert All life on earth needs water to survive A person can die in three days without water But how much water does a person need in the wild? Many factors affect personal water needs Temperature, humidity, wind, sun exposure, clothing, physical condition, appetite The maximum temperature of the day is twenty-one degrees Celsius They are ideal for hiking this summer However, the humidity is very low and the sun can still feel great It is a good idea to wear long pants, a shirt and a hat to limit water loss When the skin is exposed to air, the dry heat and wind dry the body quickly I’m not well dressed Finding water in a sand pool is highly undesirable If there are mountains nearby, there is a better chance of finding water there Smaller glaciers can be seen at the tops of these mountains a few miles away When I got to the foot of these mountains, the landscape was horizontal and thorny I now follow a cannon that shows evidence of water flow during heavy rains The sun of the day is very hot now so I decided to stay in this short shade The best way to protect the reservoirs is to walk only at night or in the cold And rest in the cool shade during the hot hours of the day This north-facing stone wall is cooling and rolling my back, and is a great way to cool and conserve water....

As I continued up the valley, I found a small pool of water in a shallow rock He was baptized here a few weeks ago and this water is still there This evidence means that I will get more water Algae growing on rocks and moist sand in the north ensures at least seasonal water availability. And then, at a short distance, I found a stream of fresh, clean water to drink There is often a health risk when you drink water directly from a natural source These sources are shared by wildlife in the region and can live with bacteria I expect a clear flow of water on rock or sandy ground to limit the risk A simple taste test will help determine the quality of the water This water tastes good but I want to get closer to the source As I head out into the valley, I find more pools What I want is a place where the water is filtered through the earth Rocks and sand serve as natural filters to purify water This pool appears to have been drained of groundwater I could keep looking and maybe I will find many more sources but I have a strong belief that I can drink this water freely.

It is clear and the narrow wall around it makes it low for wildlife There are tiny dead insects floating on the ground This is not evidence that the water is toxic Insects are naturally attracted to water sources And they have short lifespan from a few days to a few months Many insects are also safe to eat, especially those that are very small If there are dead bees or other large insects on the water, I will remove them so that I do not destroy them It is important to have a container for carrying water during your boat trip in the desert Water needs should never be underestimated These winter days I drink gallons or four liters of water a day in the desert And I was very busy In the hot summer months, I need about three gallons or about twelve liters a day For those who do not have the confidence to drink directly from a natural source Then I recommend you use a simple filter like LifeStraw Or to hold a small oven to boil the water before you drink it Please register and leave a comment


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