Stand on your knees, about hip distance apart. Release the tops of your feet to the ground, with your heels directly behind your knees.

Bring your palms to your lower back/sacrum for support, and relax your shoulders down and back as elbows squeeze together.

With a strong belly, slowly press your hips forward an inch as your chest lifts an inch toward the ceiling.

On every inhale, lift your chest upward, and on every exhale, press your hips forward in the same direction as your knees.

Keep your neck gentle; your gaze can be forward or up, but if you start to feel tension through your neck, release out of the pose, breathe and try again.

After a few breaths, carefully use your hands to guide your spine and low back up out of the posture. Sit your hips on your heels to allow your spine to recalibrate.

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